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How Does it work?

One has platforms both on the web and on mobile phones. We record videos of your ‘sold out’ concerts and stream them live to a global audience. Users log onto One, buy a virtual ticket, receive a confirmation, and watch the concert in HD quality on their phones or computers. So, if your local concert tickets are sold out, you can still make money and give the millions of fans who are missing out, a chance to see you live. And it takes no extra effort from your end; all you have to do is perform! Call us at 1-877-MYV-VENT for answers

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What about Concerts that are not sold out?
With One you can sell virtual tickets to concerts that are not sold out as well. Using secure connection screening technology, One restricts who is able to view your concerts. That way, if you want to sell virtual tickets to people who live in another region of the country, you can do so without affecting your local sales of actual tickets.

It's Easy!

MORE FANS and MORE MONEY from just one show and you don't pay anything! One will bear all costs associated with hosting your virtual show. This makes it very easy for you to partake in the world's first virtual events platform. We administer your virtual ticket sales, record the video of your concert, and host the live video feed on our platforms to allow you to make more money and more fans. Come be a part of the future! Call us at 1-877-MYV-VENT for answers.

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